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Rotating spins and young scientists for GreenIT devices

Spintronics Network and Exchange Program of Johannes Gutenberg University, Tohoku University and Seoul National University

The aim of the MaHoJeRo project (Mawaru 廻る, Hoe Jeon회전, Rotieren, ‘rotation’ in Japanese, Korean and German) is to combine key players in the burgeoning field of spintronics into an international excellence team. This provides the ideal arena to educate and train the next generation workforce in an international environment while developing the next generation science and technology for low power information technology in a collaboration with selected leading partners.

Building on a wealth of collaboration, the network will be formed by a team of three leading academic and one industrial partner to form an excellence network in spintronics that provides the ideal platform for the scientific development of novel technologies as well as the education and training of excellent students and researchers.